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What is a Dental Emergency?

Unbearable tooth pain is one of the top crises that can happen when your regular dentist isn’t available — or when you haven’t had the opportunity to find a dental practitioner yet. And certainly when you lose a tooth or filling, your decision to seek an “emergency dentist 24/7” is not only the best move but the smartest move.

Typical Dental Emergencies

A smiling woman at the dentist ready for a check-upUnspecified tooth pain that has gone on for more than a day certainly justifies searching for an emergency dentist. Tooth pain can be caused by serious situations like an abscessed tooth or tooth decay that can spread and worsen without treatment.

Fillings and crowns that suddenly fall out are also emergency dental issues. In these cases, it’s best to put a bit of gum or an ADA-approved tooth preservation product in the hollow area, until you can visit an emergency dentist.

If you have knocked-out or cracked teeth due to an accident, getting to a dentist as quickly as possible can make all the difference between saving and permanently losing the tooth. If the teeth fall out, preserve them in milk, or keep them in their sockets with your fingers or tongue until your emergency visit.

What is an Emergency Dentist?

An emergency dentist is simply available when other dental practices aren’t. While emergency room dentists exist in some cities, odds are your need for a toothache remedy, emergency root canal, or other dental crisis can be handled by a practice which has staff available on evenings and weekends — or which can be counted on to make room for new or non-regular patients.

To find out more about practitioners in your area who handle dental emergencies, call us at (423) 622-5900 to learn more about the caring, professional emergency dentists in your area.