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Signs You Need to Visit a Denture Care Center

denture care centerIf your dentures are showing signs of wear, you should seriously consider visiting a denture care center. If the damage has not progressed too far, you will likely find that a repair could save you from having to get a potentially costly replacement. Here are a few signs you should come in for a repair.

Pinching of the Tongue

This is a sure sign that you may have small cracks that could result in a major issue. These cracks may be so small, in fact, that you cannot see them – you can only feel them with your tongue. If this pinching is allowed to continue, your tongue may develop a callous and not be able to feel the cracks any longer. This will result in your dentures quickly becoming unusable. Get into a denture care center so that you can have repairs performed.

Damage to the Gum Area

The gum portion of your dentures will eventually wear down through continued use. If it suddenly tears, then you will not be able to use them. As dentures age, their acrylic eventually erodes, leading to the development of a small hole. Once this happens, you will definitely need a repair or a replacement.


Spaces can form between the teeth and gum areas, allowing food particles to become trapped and give your dentures an unattractive appearance. A black outline can form that will be noticeable to everyone. Have your dentures cleaned and repaired so that you do not have to buy a new pair.

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These are just a few of the signs that you will need to visit the denture care center at the office of Dr. Stephen D. Sims, DDS. If you have any questions whatsoever, or you would like to schedule an appointment, contact us online or give us a call at (423) 622-5900.